Inv3ntive Football Academy are hosting a 7 aside youth football tournament on 3G Astro Turf in Northolt for teams from Under 8 to Under 14. Registration is now open for all teams!



Saturday 20th of May 2023


Middlesex FA, Rectory Park, UB5 6AU(Astro)


U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 & U14


£70 per team only!


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We are delighted to present the INV3NTIVE 7V7 RECTORY TOURNAMENT

Trophies, Medals, Food, Drinks, Ice cream Van, Games, Music, Football Raffle and much more!



  • To produce an enjoyable and well organised tournament for the players, as well as a fun day out for all the family.
  • Giving players the chance to build friendship with their teammates.
  • Building players self-confidence by getting them to play many matches with their team, allowing them to constantly challenge them self to do better in every game.
  • Building parents relationships.
  • Giving players huge amount of time on the ball so they keep expressing them-selves.
  • For coaches/managers to enjoy their team play and a way for them to analyse and try new approach with their team.

Teams must register online.

All the teams will play 7 aside. Squad of 10 players maximum. 

A Player should not play for more than one team throughout the duration of the tournament. 

Any team not ready on time for a game may forfeit the points.

  • The competition shall be played on a League basis (in the first stage) with the teams divided in two(2) groups, by the Management Committee.  
  • Cup and Trophy competition for every age group.
  • Each team shall play each other in its group once. Top 2 teams from each group will play for Cup. The teams ending in 3rd and 4th place of the group stages will play for trophy.
  • Under 8 and Under 9 fixtures will be 10 minute long.

  • Under 10 to Under 14 fixtures will be 13 minutes long. Final games will be 15 minutes long.
  • Roll ins instead of throw ins
  • The first names team will choose ends; the second named team will kick off
  • No slide tackling
  • Retreat line- Players must retreat to their own half until when its a goal kick.
  • U9 and above, Goalkeepers are forbidden to handle the ball when passed to them by a team-mate. 
  • The penalty for the offence is an indirect free kick. This is awarded from the position where the handling occurred
  • Should there be a clash of colours a changed strip can be worn or bibs can be used.
  • 2 minute sin bin for any brutal foul or bad behaviour towards officials or opponents.
  • All players must wear shin pads and appropriate footwear.
  • Substitutes are roll on, roll off. A substituted player can return in the same match. Referees must be informed of and allow substitutions. The number of substitutions made during a game is unlimited. 
  • An accumulation of two yellow cards on a single day in the competition will result in the player being suspended from the next match.
  • A player who receives a red card (either straight red or for two yellow cards in the same match)will not be permitted to take any further part in the Competition.
  • The referee shall be responsible for reporting the result of the game to the Committee at the conclusion of each game. 
  • Point system: 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Incase, two teams end up with the same amount of points. Goal difference will be used.
  • All free kicks are direct and the opposition must be at least 6m away from the ball
  • Goal kicks will be taken from the edge of the penalty area.
  • Goalkeepers are not allowed to kick the ball from their hands but can throw the ball out either overarm or underarm. Keeper cannot roll the ball out of the area and then kick it.
  • No metal studs