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What is Fantasy Football League?

Fantasy football is a game in which participants assemble an imaginary team of real life footballers and score points based on those players’ actual statistical performance or their perceived contribution on the field of play.

As a Fantasy Football Player you will have £100 million to spend on your squad of 15 players. Each player is priced according to the likely number of fantasy points they will be awarded across the season. So for example amazing players such as Salah or DeBruyne are way more expensive than a player from a lower level team.  Transfers can then be made each game week based on who you think you would like to get rid of and who is in form and you want to bring in. As long as you can afford them. Points are awarded to players based on things like best match performance, goals scored, clean sheets etc and deducted for e.g. red cards.

Most teams have individual managers but we work as a group to decide on our players, who will be captain (double points) who will be on the bench etc.

We're inviting you to join our INV3NTASY Football League Competition!!

INV3NTIVE FOOTBALL ACADEMY are launching their first ever Premier Fantasy Football Mini-league after the start of the new premier league football season.  The main purpose behind this is to encourage our members as well as other people to watch regular football and discuss changes to their fantasy football team.

We want to create an atmosphere where everybody watches football. Specially, those that have never played football before or are not interested in the sport, this could be your first interaction with the sport. This is great as the interactive experience could see you paying more attention to sport moving forward and could result in you starting discussions with other football fans.

Enter mini league and get a chance to win the following Prizes

  1. FIRST PLACE will get INV3NTASY CARE PACKAGE. Includes, new INV3NTIVE 2021/22 season kit, football boots, shin pads and 1 week Holiday Camp Voucher.
  2. SECOND PLACE will get football kit of their choice plus, 1 week holiday camp voucher 
  3. THIRD PLACE will get Nike football, plus 3 days of Holiday Camp voucher.
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