Welcome to our Online Academy where you can expect to be pushed to your limits, and worked harder than ever! Through this service we offer full football specific sessions which will not only develop the technical side of your game, but will help improve your game fitness, power, and overall athletic physique. Our sessions are all designed to be high intensity, working at maximum capacity, demanding game speed movements and a winner’s mindset as you push through your pain barriers!

The Online Academy features exclusive pre-recorded footage of high intensity training sessions with the INV3NTIVE coaches, guiding players through it and pushing them to their limits.

The training sessions will be based purely on game Intelligence, Technique, Proper mindset and Physical element of football to ensure that players can develop and learn all the critical skills they can take into their games.

Academy Players

  • 2 intense online sessions per week
  • Pre-recorded Videos
  • Competitions
  • Showcase
  • Online 1-2-1 support

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