2023/2024 Season Team Kit

NV3NTIVE FOOTBALL ACADEMY New 2023/24 Kit is available to buy online! This kit pack is for all Inv3ntive team players and it includes both team and match kit.

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Replacement Training/Match kit for signed team players.

Inv3ntive Football Academy 2023/24 Season Kit.

Unisex sports set consisting of 2 t-shirts + 2 pair of shorts + 2 pair of socks

1. T-shirts with printed semi-raglan sleeves.

2. Crew neck with tricot on the back.

3. The colour of the second t-shirt is designed in the opposite way.

4. Elastic waistband in shorts with matching inner drawcord with security stitching.

5. Shorts with contrasting side stripe and slits on hem.

Material: 100% polyester, 140 gsm.

Size Guide

M [51cm/71cm]·[37cm/53cm] [36.00cm/55.00cm/26.00cm] 8kg
L [54cm/73cm]·[39cm/56cm] [36.00cm/55.00cm/26.00cm] 8.5kg
XL [57cm/75cm]·[42cm/59cm] [36.00cm/55.00cm/27.00cm] 9kg
2XL [60cm/77cm]·[45cm/62cm] [36.00cm/55.00cm/27.00cm] 9.7kg
4 yrs [39cm/52cm]·[26cm/40cm] [33.00cm/53.00cm/21.00cm] 6.7kg
8 yrs [41cm/54cm]·[28cm/42cm] [33.00cm/53.00cm/21.00cm] 7.1kg
12 yrs [43cm/58cm]·[30cm/44cm] [33.00cm/53.00cm/22.00cm] 7.6kg
16 yrs [46cm/62cm]·[32cm/46cm] [33.00cm/53.00cm/22.00cm] 8.2kg


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