If you wish for your child to play with INV3NTIVE FOOTBALL ACADEMY, you must submit a new registration form by following the new membership process. This membership is only for players that will be representing I.F.A in either Middlesex or Harrow youth league.

The membership will run from 1st July 2020 to 1st June 2021. Player registration needs to be completed and approved before 30th of July 2020. Fail to register before the deadline could cause you to pay late registration fee which is £10 extra.

Anybody wishing to play for or train with INV3NTIVE must do the following:

  1. Read Our Privacy Policies, click here
  2. Adhere Inv3ntive Respect Code of Conduct, click here
  3. Accept our rules and regulations, click here
  4. Complete the registration form
  5. Pay for the membership

Break down of cost for the entire 2020/2021 Season:

  • Membership Fee, £40.00 (late registration fee)
  • Training/Matches: From £200, cost vary depending on the team your child will be assigned to. The fee is split into 2 payments. Further finance support is available. We also have sibling offer available.

What does the membership fees include?

  • Registration with the academy to start training in a team
  • Registration with the league to start playing matches
  • Insurance, which will ensure your child, have protection cover in the event of an injury
  • Tournament entries, which will allow your child to take part in the most exciting events.
  • Player profile, which will show players development and stats.

What does the training cost include?

  • Teams from U7’s to U13’s will be provided 2 times training session a week
  • Teams from U14’s and U16’s will be required to train once a week, one is optional due to other commitments such as studies
  • League Matches or Friendly matches mostly every Sunday once the season begins
  • Access to all of our equipment
  • 2 free one to one sessions, one between September to December and one between January to June.

Note: you are not required to pay for training cost with the membership.

Special Conditions

If you are unable to pay the membership fees on time, please read and understand our Special Conditions page for more information. Please send an email to info@inventivefootballacademy.com or contact Vinay or Farid directly who will be able to help you more.

Happy with the new SEASON MEMBERSHIP?