Who can take part in the Team Training & Matches?
Pay for Training and Match fee

Who can take part in the Team Trainings and Matches?

Team training sessions and matches are only for players that have been selected or invited to be part of a particular INV3NTIVE youth team. We will not be allowing anybody other than our team players to train during the allocated training times unless coaches have been informed in advance. There will be times where the coaches may see potential in a player but still think they require more training with the team before offering them to attend matches.

2020/2021 Season Team Training & Match Fee

What does the fee include?

Once you pay the fees, you can expect that your child will receive the following services:

  • 1/2 times well organised and planned training sessions during the week, depending on the age group
  • Football match against another football team every weekend (mostly on Sunday’s)
  • INV3NTIVE football tournaments
  • Team gatherings 

Pitch allocation for Team Members

Why do we ask for this price?

With the new season on horizon, it is time for us to look at the new training fees for Inv3ntive football academy.

We are not as fortunate as other clubs at the moment and we don’t yet have any support from major organisation. As much as we want to make football almost free for all of our members, we can’t do that just yet due to the cost that’s involved to run day to day tasks involved to keep the academy maintained. 

There is a huge list that requires funds, below are some:

  • Facility hire for training and matches
  • Coaches cost
  • League entries
  • Administrator cost
  • Awards medals/trophies 
  • Referee cost
  • Equipment
  • Coaches education
  • Private/public Insurance
  • Website maintenance

Teams Training & Match Rules

Are you happy with the new team training and match details?